Transformational Breath

Transformational Breath® is a simple, yet powerful technique that uses connected breathing patterns to activate the body’s natural healing response.  Developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz, a leading breathwork expert, Transformational Breath® inter-weaves a deep knowledge and understanding of our breath as our life with multi-disciplinary experiences to empower greater wellness without adverse side effects.  Anyone can learn […]

How Will I Benefit?

If you are human and you are living, you can benefit from Transformational Breath®. The benefits of conscious breathing are numerous.  More studies are being done all the time, revealing specific health and medical benefits of breathing and increasing oxygen.  This site will not begin to impart all these findings, but some of the most […]

How Do I Start?

To begin your journey through Transformational Breath®, the first thing to do is show up! As silly as that sounds, it is a totally experiential process and you are the only one who can breathe for you.  So showing up for yourself is an essential and empowering first step. You can begin with either a […]

Sara Firestone

Sara Firestone is a facilitator of transformational processes, specializing in Transformational Breath®. She was 
certified in Transformational Breath® in 2000 by Dr. Judith Kravitz, the co-creator of the 
Transformational Breath® process.  While her breath facilitation training
 has led her to explore many other modalities, her love of the
 Transformational Breath® process, including and beyond the physical act of respiration, and including the perfect assimilation of supportive 
processes that are an integral part of Dr. Kravitz’s design of the
 technique, is the basis all of her client interactions. The most effective
, transformative work starts with the breath, which brilliantly accesses 
old, suppressed energies, emotions, and even belief systems which are no longer serving us in our present moment experience of life. Transformational Breath® is a process of consciously directed breathing
, which naturally brings about a transformation of blocked... 


Breathing on the Beach

Private Consultations

Private Consultations offer tailored coaching in a private setting.  Experience the deeply transformative practice of a Facilitated Breathing Session, under the personal care of a Certified Facilitator.  Sara guides you through the opening of your breath, helping to transform restrictive patterns, blocked emotions and other sources of tension with a combination of Transformational Breath® and other intuitive modalities. See our Services Page for further details. See the Online Schedule... 

IYD Breath Weekend Charleston

Group Events

Breath Together! Group Events are a great way to keep up with your Transformational Breath practice.  The concentrated energy of a Group Session can add momentum and depth to your experience and keep you motivated to continue.  Sara hosts a variety of Group Events: Introductory Breathshops, for first time breathers, and “Conspirare” Group Breathing Events, for experienced breathers to stay attuned to their practice. There is an event for you on the Current Event Schedule.  Read More

SC Beachfront Re-Treat Sept2012


  Blossom! With a Transformational Breathing Re-Treat.  Sara offers personalized and group Breathing Re-Treats in the greater Charleston area.  Re-Treats are customized to meet your needs and your time frame.  This deeply restorative personal time is structured around a Transformational Breath program and can include consultations or classes with other practitioners. See our Services Page for further details. Visit the Schedule of Upcoming Retreat opportunities.  Read More