I am here to support and facilitate transformations from the tiniest to the profound…sometimes the tiniest are the most profound.
– Options/Choices/Choosing –
– Liberate your authentic nature –
– Access all possibilities –
– Discover solutions –
– Shift your focus –
– Liberate yourself from debilitating panic, anxiety, stress, struggle –
– Raise your vibration –

Freeing yourself from:
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Others’ beliefs and judgements about you
  • Stagnant energy
  • Restrictive breath and life patterns
  • Toxic thoughts and emotions.
Puts you in a position to:
  • See your options
  • Get a new perspective
  • Know & Love yourself more
  • Direct your own energy
  • Improve your outlook
  • Make choices that support your peace and expansion
  • Empower yourself to consistently, consciously create a life you love.


Call:  843-452-3044
Private Sessions and Programs  – Relieve panic, anxiety, stress
– By appointment (weekday, evening and weekend times available).
        Private Programs (Learn more @
        Wholistic Life Transformations using a foundation of Transformational Breath┬«. 
  • Living Your Transformation – (8 wks) Deeper freedom…regardless of our wholistic practices, challenges big and tiny are a part of everyday life.  This program provides support and experiences for more love, more joy, more freedom, higher consciousness and frequencies…there is always more!
  • Freedom From Panic – (12 wks) Enough said.  If you are having panic or anxiety attacks…stop the cycle!  You can be free!  100% wholistic approach – works!
  • Liberate Yourself! – (12 wks)  If you are experiencing; high levels of stress, constantly struggling (one thing after another), have breathing issues, or dealing with a disease, injury, or trauma; this program is going to change your life!
To Register:
Call:  843-452-3044
Transformational Breath┬« allows you to access and shift frequency at all levels of your being, stimulating creativity and receptivity to all possibilities.  It actually shatters the illusion that there is any separation into levels, as likewise, everything experienced through the breath is experienced by the whole.
See what happens that takes you to a whole new level!
Participants’ Experiences:
– “It opened up a whole new world from which to function and access in my life/body.”
–  “Very powerful.  Healing for me, physically, emotionally & spiritually.”
– “The session helped me know myself more, which is extremely helpful. Continuing the breath process helps me stay aware of myself in a way that is not about intellectual analysis, but pure awareness.” 
To Register:
Call:  843-452-3044