Living Your Transformation


Overcome Stress and Free Yourself From Anxiety

“Now I will not let things get in my way, bring me down and feel trapped, like the panic and anxiety I experienced before”  – Jill, now living panic free after the Living Your Transformation program

Do you suffer from fear, high levels of stress, panic or anxiety? Have you been told by your healthcare provider or practitioner that you have physical symptoms due to stress? Do you feel overwhelmed with life? Or experience a sense of struggle?

You are not alone.

You really do not have to live with, or in fear of, panic or anxiety attacks, stress, or an overwhelming sense of struggle.

If you have ever experienced  an actual panic or anxiety attack, your fear of another one is likely compounding  your level of stress, as much as, if not more than the original cause.

If you haven’t found the peace and flow you’re looking for yet you could be:

·         Focusing on the problem when what you want is a solution.
·         Looking to the past or the future for an answer
·         Looking from limited perspective (like wearing blinders or looking through a tunnel). Or,
·         Seeing what’s outside of you when you don’t know what’s in.

I’ve helped many other people just like you, and I’m here to help you, too!

People like you who were:

~suffering from panic and anxiety.

~living in fear of having another anxiety attack.


~looking to make a change.

Maybe you are like some other clients I have helped:

  •  you haven’t quite believed that there is an answer for you
  • you don’t realize that on some level you already know the answer and how to access it by yourself
  • you’ve lost trust in yourself
  •  you’ve been taught that self-love is selfish

Maybe you don’t know that you can get help to remember who you are and that life is really here for you. Many people do not realize just how big their suffering is until they land in a medical office with symptoms. They can’t really imagine what it’s like to live in flow without panic, anxiety, and stress.

Give me an hour of your time, and I’ll show you that change is possible.  Together we’ll reveal your #1 Key for a life that flows, and you will delight in the depth of your experience.

Sign up today for a complimentary Lovin’ Life session where you’ll experience immediate relief.  Take advantage of this opportunity to make a change.  We can also discuss how to make a lasting change through the highly successful Living Your Transformation program. Call me at 843.971.1731, or email me at  today.

Through the Living Your Transformation program, a fully-developed program with amazing results for women like you who suffer from panic, anxiety or stress, you get to:

  • Access your inner wisdom/guidance
  • Resolve past hurts and traumas
  • Live from a place of inquiry and truth
  • Expand limiting perspectives
  • Line up your external life with your inner essence
  • Cultivate self-love
  • Develop a deeper sense of trust and flow
  • Learn the art of being present

Are you ready to overcome panic attacks, anxiety, chronic stress, or constant struggle?

You really don’t have to live in fear of panic or anxiety attacks, chronic high levels of stress, or an overwhelming sense of struggle.  Life can be different. Let me show you how.

A solution that finally works …the highly personalized Living Your Transformation Program…because the focus is on YOU.

If you are ready to experience something different and break the cycle then you have to be willing to do something different. NOW is the time to love yourself and your life more.

Sign up today for your complimentary Lovin’ Life phone session.  Due to the highly personalized program, each session is tailored to your needs and experiences.  For this reason, the number of openings are limited.  Call me today so we can get started right away.


P.S. the cost? Free, your complimentary Lovin’ Life session is free of charge.  Call me at 843.971.1731 to start living the life you deserve.