Sara Firestone

Sara Firestone is a facilitator of transformational processes, specializing in Transformational Breath®. She was 
certified in Transformational Breath® in 2000 by Dr. Judith Kravitz, the co-creator of the 
Transformational Breath® process.  While her breath facilitation training
 has led her to explore many other modalities, her love of the
 Transformational Breath® process, including and beyond the physical act of respiration, and including the perfect assimilation of supportive 
processes that are an integral part of Dr. Kravitz’s design of the
 technique, is the basis all of her client interactions.

The most effective
, transformative work starts with the breath, which brilliantly accesses 
old, suppressed energies, emotions, and even belief systems which are no longer serving us in our present moment experience of life. Transformational Breath® is a process of consciously directed breathing
, which naturally brings about a transformation of blocked energies which are
 distracting us from our current life experiences and our higher purpose.
 When we become present, we also become conscious and connected to our heart and spirit, and also to our physical aspect.  We are whole beings, and therefore all of our aspects are inseparably connected and
 intertwined.  Sara’s love for the Transformational Breath® process arose
 as she herself experienced, and continues to experience, great 
transformation and freedom in her own life.

Self-awareness leads to self-healing, leads to self-empowerment.

Long an enthusiast and seeker of natural and simpler ways of living and being 
healthy, working with the breath became a natural passion for Sara.
 Sound healing, “The Work” of Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle’s and Michael 
Brown’s teachings in presence, intentionality, and miracle consciousness 
are a few of the many supportive processes that may be introduced in a facilitated session.

Additionally, Sara is a
 Second Degree Reiki practitioner in the Usui tradition, has trained in
 Spiritual Counseling in Doreen Virtue’s tradition, and is trained in 
Level I Akashic Records access.  Any combination of these techniques may be 
incorporated into a Transformational Breathing session, depending on the needs and desires of the 

Besides the many famous and wonderful 
spiritual teachers / writers who have informed Sara’s unique Transformational Healing Process, she also acknowledges the following, influential mentors 
and teachers: Dr. Janet 
Leslie Orion, Holistic Medicine Woman; Rose Marie Swanson, Reiki Master 
and Spiritual teacher; Chrystal Franks, Reiki Master/Akashic Records
 Consultant/Dietician, and Pat & Dave Krajovic, Sr. Trainers of the
 Transformational Breath Foundation and founders of the Global Breath Institute 
& Bodyworks Healing Ctr (MI); along with the many other beings of pure light, 
please know who you are.