What is a facilitated “session”?

A Transformational Breath® “session” is typically 1 hour of consciously-directed breathing, using a full and connected breathing pattern to activate the body’s natural healing response.  Typically the session will be done lying on a mat on the floor or inclined.  In this process, all of the breathing mechanism is engaged.  A positive, focused intention is set by the breather, which represents what is desired, and assists the breather to open their breath and receive powerful results quickly.

Sessions are usually facilitated with evocative music and begin with a short “warm-up” breathing exercise for an easeful transition into the process.  In a facilitated session, the facilitator acts as a coach, guiding the breather in opening the breath, supporting them through transformations that occur during a session, and at times merely acting as a “witness” to their process.

Besides the music played, sound and vibrational frequencies may be incorporated into a session in the form of toning.  Specific movements, press points, affirmative statements and more may be used as well to guide the breather through the three levels of a Transformational Breath® session.  The first level is the physical opening of the breath.  The second is a mental/emotional clearing of the subconscious, and the third is the deep connection to higher states of consciousness.  Many describe this third level as the deepest form of meditation they’ve ever been able to attain.  The experience is unique to each individual.

Private Consultations

Tansormational Breathing LogoPrivate Consultations are offered to individuals, or can be semi-private with 2-3 people.   An individual may request a single private session, or a series.  In either case, the session or series will be personalized to meet each individual’s need.  An individual may begin their Transformational Breath® journey here, or may be choosing an individual session following one or more group experiences.

Whether one chooses a private or group experience is a matter of personal preference and may also, for some, be recommended by the facilitator.  An individual will of course be the sole recipient of the facilitator’s (coach’s) attention.  As there are many tools and processes used to enhance and support the opening of the breath, this can be a far more personalized experience.

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Series of private sessions may also be offered around a particular theme of self-growth.

Group Events

Tansormational Breathing LogoIntroductory Breathshops introduce you to a greater awareness of your breathing and its impact on your life.  Breathshops are an opportunity to begin this profound process of self-discovery, self-healing and self-empowerment.   You will experience a full, facilitated Transformational Breath® session in a group setting and gain a tool for daily practice.

* For first-time breathers, whether or not you have learned or used other breathing techniques.

Tansormational Breathing LogoConspirare:  Breathing Together is a group Transformational Breath® session for those who have experienced a full session before.  Opening the breath is a process.  Just like yoga and other forms of exercise, the greatest benefit comes through regular practice of the breathing technique. Group sessions give you the opportunity to continue your transformational process. Each session offers unique gifts for achieving presence, authenticity, and well-being.  Attend follow-ups on a regular basis, or tap into the experience on a periodic basis.  It is always a welcoming and supportive space for self-growth.

* Currently offered on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  See the Events Page for further details.

Tansormational Breathing LogoMini Sample Sessions and Mini Breathshops offer a mini breathing session of about 20 minutes.  The purpose is to begin to be aware of your own breathing pattern and get an idea of the power of the breath, to decide if you would like to explore the process further.  These sessions are offered periodically and mainly by request.  Mini sample sessions are typically offered as a block of one on one sample sessions during an established time frame.  Mini Breathshops are group presentations.  One example is the monthly “Breathe to Feel Good!” event, which demonstrates how the technique can help in alleviating debilitating states such as panic, anxiety and stress.

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Special Events are offered in the Charleston area or elsewhere from time to time.  These programs may be an afternoon, a weekend retreat, or even a full week, and will involve the Transformational Breath® process in a variety of life-enhancing programs.  Sara Firestone may offer a special event or invite guest presenters from the local area or elsewhere to co-present a special program.

All Breathshops are available to private groups of 4 or more upon requestMost Charleston area Breathshops and private consultations are currently held in Mount Pleasant in the Breathing Room located behind 216 Scott Street.

Personal Retreats

Tansormational Breathing LogoRetreats are personalized, based on your needs and time frame available.  Designed around a Transformational Breathing program, and depending on the locale, your retreat will likely include additional services and consultations with other practitioners, to be determined together with Sara during your initial planning consultation.

* Offered in or near Charleston, SC. Contact Sara at for more information.