Breath is Life!The following feedback from Transformational Breath session participants are in full or extracted from letter or email responses, or in answer to questions on Breathshop evaluation forms.  All are quoted with permission.

Celeste, Asheville

Sara is an experienced and knowledgeable breath facilitator, who gently and sensitively guided me through the session to a deeper understanding of the power and importance of using my breath to support my life.

A Teacher, after a guided mini phone session

My Dear Sister, all I can say is thank-you for that amazing exercise…I have not felt so grounded and at peace for a long time.  I don’t think I’ll ever take “breathing” for granted again.

Bruce, Eastern Tennessee

I’ve worked with many facilitators in the course of many workshops and not so many express and make clear the love and caring that you do for your clients. Thanks for that too.

Janna Baker

A few months ago I was told in a dream to do breathwork- I asked what type and was told to do Transformational Breathing. The first few sessions were challenging- I felt some physical and emotional resistance; however, I clearly felt this was something I should continue. Now, about 4 sessions later, I am so thankful that I was guided to do this work. I am feeling so much more empowered and more integrated.  I have been able to access my emotions more easily and feel so much more optimistic about moving into wholeness and authenticity.  I also like being supported in the work through Sara’s insightful assistance.  I think this is an awesome way to move forward through the wisdom of our own process.

Neferet, Belly Dancer

Greetings Sara! I wanted to take a moment to connect with you regarding the breathshop I attended with you, here in Kansas. My experience was truly extraordinary. The setting was a perfect choice, too.

I had done lots of different types of breathwork before; but, never this type of transformational breathwork. My personal experience definitely went DEEP! I had had a counseling session that morning; and, the topics of that session wound around me and through me during the breathwork. I had technicolor visions and body memories of death, birth and sex. Short verbal messages came through, and every one of my senses opened up. I would say that it was like a fast-paced, “really-real” dream; but, I think it’s more accurate to say that it was more like I WAS the dream. All of these experiences just came pouring out of me, yet I never lost awareness of the room around me. It was amazing. Then, when we completed the session, that was it. I didn’t write anything down. I didn’t have anything to discuss. I didn’t have any questions. It was like the experience left no residue. I do remember feeling really hungry! Ha! And I remember feeling like I had just been gently lifted up out of something–like a subtle-but-powerful shift in my place in the world. That quality is still present. I didn’t realize it at the time; but, looking back on it now, I can say that whatever happened, changed my being permanently. Wherever I was before the session, I will never be again. That’s all, just a simple shift in position.

It’s funny, because, I don’t know what any of the visions, sensations or messages mean…and it doesn’t matter! I am simply grateful 🙂

I will be attending any breathshops you have in the area, in the future.

Elayna, Artist

A few weeks ago I had the distinctly gloriously opportunity to have a session with Sara Firestone, in my home, one on one.  It was so exciting to be able to learn to breathe and feel the breath and have the coaching as I tried to find out how to breathe “right”.  Finally, I “got” that my breath was flowing freely and all I had to do is not stop its flow. I learned from Sara how not to stop it.  Since I had learned, so thoroughly, how to stop it, I needed to learn how not to interfere with it’s natural rhythm. I know I need more coaching, and I will have it again, but in the meantime I am practicing conscious, transformational breathing.  It is wonderful to be aware of the breath of life in me and to consciously breathe and let the breath breathe me.    Thank you so much, Sara.


Thank you for the amazing experience last night. I must admit, I was one of the people that thought “Transformational Breathing- What??” but it ended up being one of the best and most moving treatments of the evening.

Gena, Massage Therapist

“These 2 sessions took me deeper into myself than anything I have ever done.  Subconscious beliefs that had been blocked were released into my awareness.  Now, I see clearer and really was able to meet myself at a profound level.”

Mary, Writer/Editor

“I definitely want to come to the next tune up session. I am learning a lot as I work with my speech therapist and keep coming back to the breath work.  I know that it is at the foundation of returning to a life with a full voice. ”


Sara, it has been such a pleasure to get to know you.  I am grateful for your introducing me to Transformational Breathing!  I was quite surprised by the first introduction at Seeking Indigo sampler session.  When I saw Transformational Breathing on the list of samples my first thought was I know how to breath.  I had a college course in biorhythms and had practiced yoga for ten years.  It is an understatement to what I experienced in just twenty minutes.

I had at the time of my experience at the sampler been receiving post traumatic stress counseling for crime victims.  I had reached an impasse with the counseling and had undergone hypnosis, which brought back memories that I had found unbearable to deal with.  The Transformational Breathing brought emotional healing into my life that I was not able to obtain though the psychiatrist.

Cabbage Leaf OpeningI introduced my sister and mother to Transformational Breathing and shared my experience with them.  They were reluctant to try it and at the time found the sessions emotionally difficult; however, afterward expressed their immense gratitude.  I appreciate the private session and more group sessions.  In addition, I was surprised that later other physical issues that I had been closing my mind to were starting to surface and begin to heal.

Thanks very much for all that you do!


After thinking about how to capture the essence my experience with TB (Transformational Breathing), I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s very hard to describe. I’ve heard that ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,’ and TB proves that. It’s like spending years walking around with a tight band around your middle that you weren’t aware of and you didn’t know was there, and then you realize it’s gone when your breath can flow evenly into the blocked places…

And about you Sara, your compassion and kindness encouraged me to try the group work, and your sense of knowing and being grounded gave a sense of safety that make it OK to ride the emotional waves…

Carol, Charleston, S.C.

… with Transformational Breathwork, you are asked to set your intention before you begin.  It was this intentionality at the heart of it that struck me as the most powerful aspect of the work.  Whatever the intention one has going in, the breath is used as a vehicle to clear space to allow that intention to be realized.  While I experienced pain, sorrow and troubled thoughts, along with some old trauma, I felt that it was the use of the breath as a positive cleansing agent that allowed me to just breathe right through, to not get caught in any of it;  it allowed me to experience things, then let them go and let them to be transformed by the breath into peace and clarity.

I have done Transformational Breathwork 4 times, and each time I found that, if I set my intention clearly and with focus, it was realized.  Each experience was different, but each gave me just what I needed at the time.  I found it to be  a powerful tool for change and for accessing the subconscious.  It brought a clarity to what was confusing or difficult in my life in such a positive and healthy way that I fully believe that it would benefit all who try it.  It doesn’t hurt either, that at the end of a mere hour, you are totally relaxed and in touch with yourself again.

Maureen, Guest Services Aide

As a newcomer to Transformational Breathwork, I have been quite pleasantly surprised at the incredible experiences I have had during each session. Beginning with a Group Session was a great introduction for me! The energy was wonderful! I then followed with three guided sessions with Sara as my facilitator. Her vast knowledge and experience with Transformational Breathwork, as well as her kind spirit, allowed me the opportunity to let each session unfold as it may, until I was gently guided back to the present moment. After having completed my sessions with Sara, I have been using a guided Transformational Breathwork CD to accompany me during my self sessions at home. Along with the sessions, I have also found that I use the breathwork several times throughout my day in order to feel a sense of peace and clarity. It is amazing how great it feels to really breathe in life!

Shannon, Medical Transcriptionist

“Wonder-full.  This feels like an ongoing miracle.  This is my 4th session and it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.  By continuing my breath process I am becoming more focused and more able to see life as a joyful, fun journey.”

Rich, Company President

“Awesome.  Absolutely a wonderful 1st session.  It was a total new life experience.”


Last night I laid in bed exhausted by my mind’s thought wandering over events that are now in the past and making the list of things to do longer and longer winding up sleepless. I thought of the breathing technique you selflessly imparted to me. Within minutes my mind relaxed and I was in dreamland to wake refreshed and ready for the days challenges.

Thank you, Sara for that treasure gift of knowledge that is a more valuable gift than all that glitters!

Kristin, Pesticide Regulator

“Very powerful.  Healing for me, physically, emotionally & spiritually.”

Cassy, Teacher (following 1st group session)

“I was amazed by the experience and am still in awe of what just breathing can do.  The session helped me know myself more, which is extremely helpful.  Continuing the breath process helps me stay aware of myself in a way that is not about intellectual analysis, but pure awareness.  I will literally feel blocks and get through them, no matter what the initial cause of those blocks were.”

Cassy, Teacher (following private session)

I really enjoyed our session and got a lot out of it.  I could tell even as I was driving home that I felt more comfortable and relaxed in my own skin.  I am part of a knitting group, and for the first time I felt relaxed with them and talked in a comfortable way.  This may not sound like much, but I have used self-consciousness as a shield for a loooong time.  And, even better, when I take a conscious breath, I notice it still goes down into my abdomen.   I would like to sign up for your next group session.

Guerry, Plumber /Participant in a weekend event with David and Pat

“The workshop was the best I ever attended.

I am still processing it.  I love it.

It has changed my personality, behavior, belief system, and life.”

Karla, Property Manager / Participant in a weekend event with David and Pat

“For those of you who know me well, I don’t normally endorse any particular healing practice but this breathing workshop was so powerful that I am feeling compelled to share it with others in the group…

For me, breathwork took me to a place that I have tried to go with meditation, but usually failed.  During the weekend, there were many insights gained and blockages released.  I experienced frustrations and negativity being transformed into a higher energy and released.  It was positively freeing, in so many ways, to finally let go of things I have been holding on to way too long!”

Lauren, Office Manager

“I think that after the session a lot of things became clearer to me as far as steps I want to take in my future. Mainly in regards to career. It was almost like something clicked inside of me and I realized that what I was thinking I wanted in a job etc was TOTALLY NOT what I wanted. I realized that I can create my own job/passion that connects to ME. Something that is not necessarily always controlled by someone else. I think that out of this clarity then sprung the resolution. Things started happening… All of this totally fueled me- a feeling that I thought I had lost. I finally began to feel like I had a purpose again… or at least a direction to start aiming for. ”

Katherine, Nurse/Holistic Healer

Outstanding!  It was so easy compared to other modalities I’ve used.  After all – you have to breathe anyway. So focus on intent and change how you breathe.  It is a very good method.

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