Transformational Breath

Transformational Breath® is a simple, yet powerful technique that uses connected breathing patterns to activate the body’s natural healing response.  Developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz, a leading breathwork expert, Transformational Breath® inter-weaves a deep knowledge and understanding of our breath as our life with multi-disciplinary experiences to empower greater wellness without adverse side effects.  Anyone can learn Transformational Breath®, and everyone can benefit from this extraordinary process.

Opening Restrictive Breathing Patterns

It is estimated that over 90% of us begin to restrict our breathing at a very young age.  Restrictive breath patterns correspond to restrictive life patterns, which make us more vulnerable to pain, disorders and disease.  Shallow breathing has been linked to a host of physical and emotional disorders.  In fact, cancers actually thrive in an anaerobic environment (void of oxygen).  Correcting restrictive breathing patterns brings us back to our natural state of peace and well-being, and practice of the Transformational Breath® does just that!  This powerful, yet amazingly simple technique relieves anxiety and stress, improves health and vitality, integrates repressed emotions, and opens practitioners up to greater clarity, presence and joy.  After all, breath IS life!

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