How Will I Benefit?

If you are human and you are living, you can benefit from Transformational Breath®.

The benefits of conscious breathing are numerous.  More studies are being done all the time, revealing specific health and medical benefits of breathing and increasing oxygen.  This site will not begin to impart all these findings, but some of the most prominent benefits found include reduction in hypertension, stress, sleeplessness, and headaches.

Improvements in these important areas impact a multitude of aspects of well-being.  Reducing stress and tension makes more energy available physically and for clearer mental focus.  Sufficient restful sleep is known to be essential for many functions of the body.  In addition, when we feel better physically and have more energy our outlook improves.  Greater joy, clarity and productivity result and people tend to make healthier eating and lifestyle choices when they have a brighter outlook.

More specifically, using Transformational Breath®, participants are guided in identifying and overcoming their personal restrictive breathing patterns, which results in a practical and effective tool they can use on a daily basis.  It is empowering to know that your breath is available to you to access at any time and to also use in therapeutic sessions.  Since most people learn to restrict their breathing and breathe shallowly from a very young age, opening restricted areas often brings movement, “life,” into areas of the body that have been holding tension a very long time (maybe a lifetime).

Restrictive breathing patterns often result from attempts to “stuff” unwanted emotions or traumas, which then become unexpressed feelings that may later express themselves as pain and disease.  This defense mechanism is activated subconsciously.  If we consciously breathe and open the restricted, shut down areas using the Transformational Breath® process, we provide an opportunity for the energy of those old feelings to change form.

All of these benefits are achieved because of the entire respiratory process, which of course involves exhalation as well as the inhalation.  At least one study has shown that we release about 70% of toxins through our breath, demonstrating the importance of the exhalation aspect of the process.  Some of those toxins may be in the form of toxic thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

This is a life transforming process and expresses itself in any area of life. Transformational Breath® participants report healing of relationships of all kinds.  As they begin to have a more positive experience of life, and a greater realization of the unconditional love that is always available to them, they are better able to relate and communicate and receive.  This receptivity, and transformation of limiting beliefs of unworthiness or being a victim of life, opens many to experience greater abundance as well.   Many will express feelings of a deep peace, freedom, or even experiencing self-love for the 1st time they can remember.

A greater sense of clarity and direction brings greater focus and clearer decision-making.  As the old “stuffed” feelings change form, it is an experience of a clearing in the subconscious that quiets the negative self-talk and allows us to pay attention, to truly hear, and then express, our authentic voice.  It is akin to experiencing the delight of a child and that child is the child within.  It is not uncommon for Transformational Breathers to relate an experience of a deeply spiritual connection.

Often times people will ask if Transformational Breath® is a form of meditation.  The answer is that it may more easily take you to the deepest form of meditation that you’ve ever experienced.

For further information on scientific studies of breathing and oxygenation, feel free to do some searching of your own on the internet and visit this link on the Transformational Breath® Foundation website: .

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