How Do I Start?

Start Transformational Breathing!To begin your journey through Transformational Breath®, the first thing to do is show up!

As silly as that sounds, it is a totally experiential process and you are the only one who can breathe for you.  So showing up for yourself is an essential and empowering first step.

You can begin with either a group or private introductory session.  Sara offers private sessions by appointment and frequently offers group Introductory Breathshops in the Charleston, SC area.  Both of these provide a basic understanding of the technique and the process and include a full, facilitated (1 hour) Transformational Breath® session.

A private session will be more personalized and tailored to the individual, while the group Breathshop offers the power and support of the collective group energy.

Mini sample sessions and mini breathshops offer a mini breathing session of about 20 minutes.  The purpose is to begin to be aware of your own breathing pattern and get an idea of the power of the breath, to decide if you would like to explore the process further.  These sessions are offered periodically and mainly by request.

Special events or retreats, which are full-day, weekend, or even week-long events, may also be available as a way to embark on your TB journey.

Whichever way you choose to start your Transformational Breath® journey, you will begin to have a greater consciousness and understanding of your breathing, and this will bring growth, greater well-being, and transformation to your life.  As Transformational Breath® – the opening of the breath and clearing restrictive patterns- is a process that occurs with experience and practice, you will want to consider the best follow-up path for your journey after the completion of your introduction.

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